coverEMBARK ON A CRAZED ADVENTURE… A struggling screenwriter’s life is turned upside-down by a sexy mysterious stranger next door. An apocalyptic breakfast meeting of the forces of evil goes sideways when their newest member has a change of heart. A magic jar of peanut butter unleashes mayhem on a bored grocery store clerk. A woman gets a surprise from Saint Nick on Christmas Eve that ends in a bodybag (guess who). Two demons grapple with suburban decadence while their dinner struggles to escape. Pizza delivery assassins debate the meaning of life and find the unexpected. A talking killer whale starts a standup comedy act that changes animal rights activism forever. An unlikely duo go into business together–hatching dragons. In his debut anthology, Daniel Younger blends larceny with philosophy, lunacy with swagger, humor with heartbreak, and the extraordinary with the vaguely possible. Always inventive, often hilarious, and rarely boring. Eleven different stories with one thing in common: they’re completely bonkers.


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